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RMA - Return Merchandise Authorization can be acquired by logging onto your online account or if the item was not bought online by contacting JDA by phone. All warranty claims MUST be accompanied by an RMA. Claims that do not have an RMA will be delayed in processing and or may be refused.

JDA Manufactured Products Warranty


All products with material and manufacturers defects must be returned to JDA for inspection by the original owner accompanied by an RMA issued by JDA. After inspection JDA will determine the cause of defect and notify the customer if the item is warrantable or not. The manufactures warranty will be void if parts have not been properly installed, maintained or altered in any way. JDA Custom reserves the sole right to determine if chrome parts have been misused, altered or not cared for. If the item is warrantable JDA will ship a replacement back within 24-48 hours. Custom made items will have to be manufactured again and will take 2-3 weeks for return. Items that have been determined not warrantable will be shipped back to the customer at their expense.

Chrome Plating Warranty

Our warranty guarantees that our plating will not separate or peel, and covers all costs incurred during the plating process, and return shipping to the customer. No other expenses will be covered. Alterations to metal, damage or negligence of care that occurs to parts plated by JDA Custom will void any warranty as expressed above.

Proper maintenance of chrome parts is the responsibility of the customer. The warranty will be void if parts have not been properly maintained. JDA Custom reserves the sole right to determine if chrome parts have been misused, altered or not cared for.

Items with dissimilar materials such as floating brake rotors, hand levers, and adjusters etc. are not guaranteed to perform at factory standards after plating; however, we are confident that we employ the most advanced steps and procedures when masking and plugging areas, which may be damaged in the plating process. Customers should assume any bearings left in parts will be ruined in the plating process. JDA Custom accepts absolutely no responsibility for the replacement of bearings, or parts damaged as a result of bearing removal from an item that has been chrome plated. Wheels, swingarms, frames will have a 1 year warranty on chrome other products will have a 3 year chrome plating warranty on the items.

Products returned for warranty will be rejected for, but not limited to, the following:

  • Any wheel or accessory that has been subjected to misuse, improper installation, collision or damage incurred after receipt
  • Damage to chrome finish on a wheel or accessory due to the use of polish abrasives, rubbing compounds or acid-based cleaners
  • Corrosion or other defects not directly related to chrome plating workmanship or material
  • Any chrome plated wheel or accessory that has been cut, welded or altered in any way
  • Damage caused by accident, curb damage, attempted theft or abnormal use
  • Bad casting or imperfections in material
  • Corrosion due to improper care