Waterjet Cutting

JDA Custom Inc Manufacturing - Waterjet Cutting serving Chicagoland

Located on the Southside of Chicago JDA Custom Inc has been using CNC waterjets since 1996. Water jet cutting is not a new technology for all but not everyone knows the full potential and advantages of the ability to cut with water. The addition of abrasives to concentrated high pressure water give us the ability to cut a wide range of materials.

Being one of the pioneers of waterjet cutting in Chicago, JDA Custom has cut material from paper books, to stainless steel 9.5" thick. Our cutting capabilities are 72"x 120" but are not limited to that as our innovations and ingenuity allows us to adapt to what ever is thrown at us.COPPER BUS BARS WATERJET CUTALUMINUM HEAD PLATE INDUSTRIAL DRYER

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting does not have heat affected zones and will not work harden materials like a laser or plasma torch will. Being able to cut a wide array of materials ferrous and non ferrous metals, alloys, hardened or annealed makes our process a great choice to create a finished product or even a rough out for other machine shop to complete their job. JDA Custom Inc also has a full machine shop with 4-axis mills and lathes where we can do secondary work to your cutouts. WATER JET CUTTING CORRUGATED PANEL

Water Only Cutting is great when cutting gaskets, shims, foam and other parts or shapes that are delicate and do not require abrasives. Gaskets and foam cutting are very popular at JDA Custom with our water only process. We specialize in low to high volume runs which help many companies develop their product line or maintain their inventory with what they need.